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alabama form adoption

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ALABAMA REPORT OF ADOPTION INSTRUCTIONS Parts I and II of this report must be completed by the petitioners their attorney or the Court. If the adopted child was not born in Alabama the State Registrar will forward the certi ed copy of the nal decree of adoption and the report of adoption to the proper of cial in the state of birth. The fee to forward the nal decree of adoption and report of adoption to the proper of cial in the state of birth is 10. 00 payable to the Alabama State Board of...
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The County Clerk's office in the county where the placement occurred may accept the forms at the time the child is placed. Please follow the procedures in these instructions in order to obtain proper information. However, if you have questions or need more information, please contact the person or agency listed below. ALABAMA STATE OFFICE OF CHILD PROTECTION Mailing Address: Citizens of Alabama, Petitioners hereinafter referred, You hereinafter submit the copies of this petition to the Director of the Division of Family Resources of the Department of Human Resources, P.O. Box 1543, Montgomery, Alabama 36. Petitioners hereby file a petition under article IV, section 4 of the Alabama Administrative Code, requesting the following information from the State Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of obtaining a court order: 1. Name of the child; 2. Father; 3. Mother's maiden name; 4. Place of birth and sex of the child, if known; 5. Date of the child's birth; 6. Date of adoption; and 7. Status of the child. Please send this petition with supporting documentation as well as other documentation as requested. In addition to this, please also send the following information to the following: 1. Contact of the agency which placed the child and agency name and address; 2. Contact numbers of each of the agency's principals or officials and the phone numbers of those principals or officials; 3. Other documents as requested; and, 4. The address where you would like the records kept. If you are not requesting public records, then please attach copies of your driver's license or other official ID.

What is the Alabama Report of Adoption?

Generally the Report of Adoption is the document that is the final step in the entire adoption process. It includes the information about the child or children before and after adoption. The form is easy to complete if you have the birth certificate of the child. With filler, you may add legally-binding signatures to the document even on the go from any internet-connected device.

What is the Purpose of the Alabama Report of Adoption?

The basic purpose of the Alabama Report of Adoption is to give the information about the adopted child before and after adoption process.

When is the Alabama Report of Adoption Due?

This form must be certified by the clerk of court within ten days after the final degree of adoption. Otherwise, the adoption will be considered as illegal.

Is the Alabama Report of Adoption Accompanied by Other Forms?

No, this report may be filed along as all other documents had to be submitted before. As far as the process of adoption is a difficult one, each step requires some documents to be filled, signed and submitted.

What Information do I Include in the Alabama Report of Adoption?

Right on the form you will find the instructions that will help you complete the document properly. It has three parts. The first part of the report is devoted to the information about the child. It is aimed at identifying original birth certificate. In this form indicate the following information: full name of the child, date of birth, birth certificate number, full name of natural mother, full name of legal father, sex of child. The second part is devoted to the information about adoption. You provide here the full name of child after adoption. Indicate the information about the father and mother (name, date of birth, state of birth, residence, address, etc.). The last part is aimed at completing by the court clerk.

Where do I Send the Alabama Report of Adoption?

Forward the document to the State Registrar. Make sure all input data is correct, true and updated.

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